Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Will you dance on my tune ?

Oh how i wish
you to be soft as silk
creamy & fluid so much as milk
with power of tons to stay at your place
no matter how brutal be attempts to debase

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How i dream

to turn, twist and toss
touch of red to make you gloss
sometimes a bun, a sloppy curl
& some layers to add to the whirl

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Now, when i see

you losing your roots
                                                i skip a breath, my wish gets dilute                                            
ends get split and not to be displayed
and who is to be blamed for the grey shade

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Oh i go sad

when i see you dry
worse it become no matter how i try
oiling doesn't help, wavy you get
magic is lost, or you want some "set wet"

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Only when #doveplay  comes to help

my long lost hopes gets some feed
                                        soon shall be the day when you ll be freed                                        
left-right, up-down will i make you strewn
you will be flawless, dancing on my tune  

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                                      (The dove play song - Make your hair dance on your tune)

    (This post is written for #doveplay contest conducted by Dove in association with IndiBlogger)

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