Tuesday 3 December 2013

For you....before you are old enough

Anu sat on a sofa with her share-of-me-time holding her coffee mug. Keeping the cup on table, she tried making a bun of her shiny silky hair which would in no time hang loose, just when she heard "Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata he nahi dil lubhata koi...". To her surprise it was Ria at the other end who was breathlessly announcing her arrival at home after an hour. Before she could ask anything, the phone went dead. "This girl is crazy. What is the need to come at weekend travelling so long. Impulsive, just like Swastik" - she grumbled. Provided it was Ria's visit, she reverted to her coffee mug knowing she wouldn't let her a moment of peace.

Ria's phone call made her revive her old days. Days of youth, energy, patience which was all spent in running after her adorable angel. Ria was a big time mischievous child who would often fool around people with her tricks. Whenever Anu tried giving her a handful, she was always stopped by Swastik. He did everything beyond proportions to make Ria a spoiled child. The only thing she resisted the most was - Eating. Making her eat was next to impossible for Anu alone. When dinner was managed by Anu and Swastik both, lunch was Anu's responsibility. Those were the times when she wished for a joint family. Ria used all her energy in running to each & every corner of her home leading Anu with a tired and puzzled look. 

Things somehow changed with the arrival of Anu's parents. She got some time for her and Swastik when they could talk in peace while Ria used to play with her grandparents. Anu's father observed Ria's quick and curious responses at surprises and decided to put an end to everyday-run-around-parade. He took the plate in balcony and called Ria "Look what do i have in my plate beta. Have you ever seen something of bright red color. Guess what it is". Ria's response was as expected and thus this GUESS WHAT game became everyday scene. Time flew and she grew up to be the most lovable daughter.

She came to back to herself when door bell rang . Smiling, she approached the door to give her daughter a big hug. Maaa....Ria screamed as she saw her and no points for guessing Anu's eyes were already flooding. "Ufff are still the same. Use these precious drops when i ll be married off" - said Ria. Anu went straight into the kitchen to make black tea - Ria's favorite. Anu turned back calling Ria to inform her father when she saw her with a Gift. 

Guess What is it Maa - Ria said giving the packet to her. Anu opened it, saw and her beaming smile was back.

"For you maa...before you are old enough" - Ria said putting her arms around her best friend. Yes, Her mom.

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