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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Some vows to be kept forever.....& ever

Yesterday was Karva Chauth. My day went as usual except for replying to some anxious questions raised about not fasting after being engaged. People just could not take a-so-very-plain NO to these rituals and honestly, i don't blame them for this because this is the way we ought to be after witnessing such consistent things over time so we assume the same for all. In fact if any one tries to challenge frame of mind they are quickly labeled as an "assassin of Indian culture & customs".We all have seen our moms, aunts, relatives fasting the whole day without a drop of water which is supposed to grant longevity to their husband's life and dressing up like a bride at night to welcome the moonlight . I love watching my mom getting ready with excitement and charm in spite of my dad's absence (he is posted out of Jaipur and is rarely home for this fast). 

Over time things change and so do festivities. Kareena kapoor made a big time news for replying - "Why should i fast ?? Will my love be proved only if i spend the day without water and food". I congratulate her for disclosing her real self. I guess her celebrity status empowers her to publicly deny following the trend otherwise any other common female would be humiliated to endless guilt for saying so. I am happy to see the husband who too fast along with the wives. very nice, so the significance is same for both now - i thought and was already brimming with wow for them when one of my fasting colleague cleared all my doubts. Needless to say he is just married and when asked for his fast he said - why to wait for a down pore of razor-sharp taunts, so i kept it beforehand.  Though he added that it doesn't look good when your spouse is fasting for you while you are busy gobbling but seriously that didn't provide any relief to my aghast state. So, what if we females are notorious for torturing our spouses big time and making them obey us hands down, fasting for us could be out of other respected things if not for long life.

I ll be arriving at the crossroad very soon as to make a choice but defying every assumption you might have after reading above text i declare "YES, i ll do". Perhaps my feeling and reasons may differ but i am sure of the genuine love and compassion which will reign me while doing it. No big words and vows for now, it is just love, care, selfless submission, benevolence and companionship which comes to my mind with karva chauth. With no offence to whatsoever reasons people hold good for them, i stand by my convictions which are irresistible to follow them. I may not bend down to touch his feet or may not showcase a decorated thal while displaying a heavy work designer saree because for me my postulates drive me into any such thing and will continue doing so. Unlike others i prefer not to persuade him upon fasting, as he may have his own outlook and understanding about it (which i am sure he has) and respecting that is again one of the reasons of me celebrating Karva Chauth. He will be quite amazed if he reads this as i keep warning him to fast along with me but trust me my hubby-to-be that is all to be kept apart while choosing our ways.

PS - I love watching group of eager women full of vigor getting ready for pooja putting on their 16 singaar.

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